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There’s a reason our neighbors call us for furnace repair in Raleigh, NC when their heating systems start to tank—and it’s not just because we like playing with their pets!

Looking for the best Raleigh, NC, emergency furnace repair services? Call Comfort Hounds at (919) 578-7798 or schedule online today!

Sniff Out The Issue

Our faithful customers know we will provide their homes with the very best in heating and furnace repair when things aren’t working properly. And if you’re a new customer, we promise to do the very same for you, too!

When your home is invaded by a nasty chill, you can’t afford to ignore it. Your home is your safe haven—so it needs to be cozy and snug during those times when your family needs comfort. If you think your system is acting up, you’re probably right. 

Here are six sure-fire signs your system needs a furnace repair:

  1. Your energy bills have skyrocketed.
  2. Your furnace is making strange noises.
  3. You’ve noticed hot and cold spots throughout your home.
  4. There is excessive dust on furniture and drier air in your house.
  5. You’ve noticed odd smells coming from your vents.
  6. Your system is spitting out cold air, not warm.

Nodding your head yes to any of these symptoms? If so, it’s time to call the Comfort Hounds, the go-to furnace repaircompany in Raleigh and nearby areas. Put us to work for some much-needed furnace repair. We aim to satisfy each and every customer with quick, efficient, budget-friendly furnace repair services—day in and day out! When you need a quick fix, we offer that true peace of mind you need.

Why Is My Furnace Acting So ‘Ruff’?

When your furnace starts to sputter and isn’t providing the heat your home needs, it can be frustrating. You find yourself shaking your head in wonder and asking: “Why is my furnace failing me?” There are actually many reasons why this could happen. Here are some of the most common:

Here’s the good news: These issues are fairly common and always fixable—especially when Comfort Hounds pick up the scent of your problems. Whatever you do, don’t ignore these signs, and don’t be afraid to call Raleigh’s leading furnace repair company today for all of your repair work. Our licensed technicians are available and ready to unleash true comfort on your home once again with our professional heating repair skills. 

FAQs About Furnace Repair

It’s recommended to schedule annual furnace maintenance for your furnace to ensure optimal performance and catch any potential issues early.

The duration of a repair can vary based on the issue’s complexity. Simple repairs might take a few hours, while more extensive heating services could require additional time.

Some basic heating maintenance tasks like changing filters can be done by homeowners, but complex repairs should be handled by trained professionals to ensure safety and proper fixes.

Check the thermostat settings, the power source, and the circuit breaker. If these seem fine and the furnace still doesn’t work, contact a professional furnace repair contractor for diagnosis and repair.

A professional assessment can determine whether a repair is cost-effective or if a furnace replacement would be more beneficial in the long run, considering efficiency and potential ongoing issues.

And Don’t Forget—We’re Here in an Emergency, Too!

As homeowners ourselves, we know furnace repair emergencies happen at the most inopportune times. Fortunately, the team at Comfort Hounds always has your back—whenever that emergency may be. When your Raleigh, NC heating system tanks on the coldest day of the year, or during the weekend, we’ll be there with honest solutions. Need a furnace replaced or installed? We do that too! Trust us for all your furnace and heat pump repair, replacement, and installation needs throughout the greater Raleigh, NC area and beyond.

Call Comfort Hounds at (919) 578-7798 or fill out our online form to schedule an appointment for the best furnace repair in Raleigh!

Serving Greater Raleigh, NC

Trying to sniff out a decent HVAC contractor? Say no more. At Comfort Hounds, we make it our No. 1 priority to offer the very best heating and cooling services in the Greater Raleigh area. We’ve been delivering the best possible heating, cooling, and air quality services to homeowners and small businesses in the Triangle for over two decades. So, when you need to keep your indoor comfort on a tight leash, we’re your loyal pack.


Tails are Wagging

It’s all puppy love when it comes to how our clients feel about us.

Dee MDee M
01:54 24 Jun 23
We had a small emergency, the AC stopped working right before we were to have a party. They showed up, took care of the issue, then we're gone before guests arrived. Super helpful and I'm so grateful they were able to come at 5:15 at night!! -Oct 2020Update 6/2023 came back from traveling and called comfort hounds late night after we had a big ordeal up in the attic and 78° + climbing. Rob got us on the schedule ASAP. The very next morning the tech was out. We had him check everything, needed to replace a few things and everything was working well. After talking with Rob, we realized we needed to insulate the new part and they came right back out to do that. Fast forward, we had suspicion that the damper actuator was going bad or finally died, even though it was working fine during our system check and right after we spent hours the first night troubleshooting- naturally! Usually we reset it and it kicks on. For sure this time, it was not working, BUT within minutes Rob was here. He got it changed out and we have crisp AC on the second floor and no issues with it shutting off. I'm thankful for Comfort Hounds' responsiveness and kindness, knowledge and dedication to making everything right. They have always taken care of me and I hope to continue doing business for years to come. Thanks guys for getting us up and running. See you in the fall for our winter check!
Miss VeeMiss Vee
20:40 13 Mar 23
I am so happy and please with the the quality of work and the great customer service from the repairmen, office staff and especially the owner!
Jacob LavenderJacob Lavender
14:20 04 Oct 22
As a new homeowner, my HVAC system needed help. The AC, duct-work, and furnace were all breaking down. Rob and his team at Comfort Hounds came out and fixed everything.- The AC works better and doesn't have to run as often.- The ducts now have dampers so the heat and air spread more evenly throughout the house.- The furnace heats our house faster and easier than before.- There are no more big swings in temperature.I could go on, but the point is that our HVAC system is now running properly thanks to Comfort Hounds.Next is the price, HVAC repair is always expensive, but Comfort Hounds has the most competitive pricing out of the 4 other HVAC companies I've used in the past.Lastly, Rob and his team were patient with us. They stayed well past the allotted time to fix our HVAC system. They spent time with us explaining how we could keep our system running well and how to save money on our electricity bill. They never rushed us despite having other appointments to make.I will continue using Rob and his team for their skills, price, and patience. I highly recommend them.
16:11 29 Sep 22
Great company-friendly-professional-timely. They have been maintaining my hvac for two years. Quick to return calls/texts and provide service. Old system finally needed replacement and they were able to do so quickly and provide financing that met my budget requirements.
Brad ViolandBrad Violand
23:47 27 Jul 22
Very impressed with Rob’s knowledge and professionalism. He is also very upfront and honest - and fixed what turned out to be a very small issue with my system instead of trying to sell me on a new one. Will be calling him for any future needs!
Katrina ShowmanKatrina Showman
20:48 19 Jul 22
Quick call back, same day service for my broken AC. Rob broke down pros and cons of repair vs replacing for my unit and went the extra mile to be sure I had the right system size and HVAC coil to match my heat pump and my sq footage for my house. He also did some maintenance and extra work on issues when installing the new system to be sure it could work at full capacity.Great communication and didn't treat me different being a female. I'll definitely be returning!
Victoria SteedVictoria Steed
18:18 18 Jun 22
I had an excellent experience with comfort hounds. My AC had gone out and was getting uncomfortably hot in the house. I have called several different companies and nobody had an appointments for days. Then I noticed comfort hounds said they were open after hours and within 20 minutes of my call they were here working on my air conditioning and had it repaired and working at 7:00 in the evening. I was really impressed with their quick and courteous service. I went ahead and signed up for the twice a year maintenance check so that I don't end up in an emergency situation again.
Tx TaquitoTx Taquito
16:37 06 Jun 22
Rob and the guys were very responsive when others put me off for 1.5weeks. They came out and gave me honest, up front opinion. They weren't trying to pitch a new system on me just for the sake of sales. They told me what was wrong, estimated cost of repair into a dying system. It was just time and I finally decided to buy. The process was simple and fast. System ordered and installed when promised. Installation was faster than anticipated. New system far exceeds performance of older system. Highly recommend these folks - they won't jerk your chain.
Jay ChaneyJay Chaney
19:52 04 Apr 22
Really happy I went with these guys. My HVAC went out and they were able to come diagnose the problem very quickly. While they had the parts on the truck and could do the repair same day I opted to replace my system. Rob was very knowledgeable of his products and what would work best for my home and able to give me a quote within 24 hours. Rob called to check on us after a particularly cold Sunday night to see if we needed space heaters or anything, super thoughtful. The new system 100% solves the problems I had with the old system - my upstairs is finally warm.Definitely would recommend to a friend.
Julie PetlickJulie Petlick
02:17 16 Jan 22
Rob is fantastic. He is always responsive and genuinely tries to help you with your issue as quickly as possible. He also does a great job of explaining what the issue is and what needs to be done to fix it. He’s always willing to talk through options and help you make the best decision. We’ve trusted Rob for over 3 years with all our HVAC needs and I can highly recommend him.
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